{{ Female DJ based in Philadelphia – Sneaker Connoisseur – Aural Stylist }}



DJ Jovi is the resident DJ for the Stimulus parties, which is a huge LGBT party that they do in Philly twice a month ( they pull in hundreds of women every party). DJ Jovi spins for plenty of the big clubs here and in NY (straight and gay), as well as for several artists. “I’m always looking for new places to spin and new folks to connect with.” @itsJOVIBaby

BOOK HER TODAY! jovi@successneverrests.com

Website:           http:// www.SuccessNeverRests.com
Music Mixes:  http://soundcloud.com/itsjovibaby
Promo Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBNFBxcvDSQ
Clique Vodka: http://www.cliquevodka.com/?p=trueartist/djj/djjovi


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