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I hope all is well! as well as I hope you are enjoying WXMC blog! I definitely would like to give a huge shout to everyone that has submitted material, visited the site, retweeted, reblogged aka show love!!! its highly appreciated!


-This week my goal is to reach 250 post on WXMC Blog, and 500+ views daily (Im half way there)! Visibility is vital in bringing awareness to our cause. If you are a huge Lesbian Entertainment Advocate or supporter, contact us for available openings at WXMC.

-WXMC is looking for Businesses to network/partner with and post on WXMC blog! If you are an interested in partnering with the Best Lesbian Entertainment Media & Promotional Company please contact us at

-XXX Lesbian Adult Entertainment will be coming Feb 14th.
-WXMC is forming a Regiment if you are interestes in being apart of the team contact

-Also WXMC has partnered with Lesbian Entertainment Network if you are interested in more info contact

WXMC Segments Monday-Sunday 7pm
-Mixtape Monday – Is a Dedication to our hottest Lesbian DJs! so all DJs hit me up!!!
-ThrowBack Tuesday – One of the hottest videos from 2010 or later will be shown that day!
-Webseries Wednesdays when Lesbian webseries awareness is at its best

One segments to come!!!

Stay updated with WXMC by emailing us ( following us @wegotnextmusik or subscribing to WXMCblog. Once again thanks for your support!



About WXMC

WXMC is the Ultimate Source for all the Hottest Lesbian Entertainment! If you would like your Lesbian Media displayed on the most viewed Lesbian Entertainment Blog, WXMC, contact us at

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