When you spend a lot of time contemplating how funny and unfunny life is. Enter The Lesbian Mafia. Uncensored. An alternative to the other voices.

The Lesbian Mafia is a secret society of sexual terrorists and a very violent gang of fun native New Yorkers producing a FREE monthly International Radio Podcast based in NYC.

Our program is listener supported and commercial free.

Rants, fun, foul language, hijinks, political incorrectness, chaos, seriousness, special guests.. rarely because we think most celebrities are a-holes. This isn’t NPR, b*tches!

DISCLAIMER #1 – We don’t take ourselves too seriously. If you offend easily, you may want to seek programming elsewhere. There are many worthy forms of PC entertainment on the web, this is not one of them.

Disclaimer #2 – Just because you are lesbian, feminist, or queer does not mean our program will, or should, reinforce your world view. If you like what you hear, great, keep listening. If you stop enjoying what you are hearing you can tune in to a different episode or you can choose to stop listening and find another program that will suit your tastes.

We create content because we have something to say and to share some laughs. If you find it refreshing to hear Lesbian/women say something different for a change, then tune in and stick around because we love good company. And our listeners are some damn fine company.

Listen to The Lesbian Mafia on your Telephone: 651-925-1610

*We care about your hearing. iPods & MP3 players can reach high volumes that are not suitable for use with earbuds or headphones. We encourage listening at safe volumes.



About WXMC

WXMC is the Ultimate Source for all the Hottest Lesbian Entertainment! If you would like your Lesbian Media displayed on the most viewed Lesbian Entertainment Blog, WXMC, contact us at wegotnextmusikfest@gmail.com

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