The name is LoLo aka YellaStudNDaSouth,born and raised in Austin,Tx but with most of my family ties in New York.I am a yellabone (blk,white,puerto rican) dominant lesbian “stud”…hence the name YellaStudNDaSouth.

I started working for Will Hustle, CEO of WillHustleMultiMedia and Set for Life Records in Sept of 2006 as a personal assistant. While I was there, I took advantage of learning the ends and outs of the business. After a year and a half of coming up under the mentorship of Will Hustle, I decided I was ready to venture off on my own and start something independent.With a deep background in drawing, I decided I wanted to pursue graphic design. I have studied and taught myself everything I know about graphic design till this very day.I learn something new on every project while at the same time, crafting my form and keeping it fresh and original.I was just awarded in Sept 2010, GRAPHIC DESIGNER OF THE YEAR at the TEXAS PLATINUM HOOD AWARDS.I design everything from flyers,posters,mixtape/cd covers, DVD covers,business cards and custom logos.

Aside from graphics, I promote for various artists and also work for a local hiphop TV show down here called PowerHouse TV that airs on Channel 16.Promoting an artist ranges anywhere from helping them come up with promo ideas,getting the idea set,and then forward with the promo in the streets and internet HARD! I believe working with the individuals who run the social networks,blog sites and websites in the HipHop community is key to building solid relationships when u can’t be in the streets all the time. In Sept of 2009, I was featured in the Austin Chronicle ( Vol.28 issue #52) for a story on Women in HipHop in my city of Austin and also for what I am trying to do in this industry,get female mc’s HEARD AND RESPECTED!!

I have my own mixtape series that features all women mc’s called Excuse Me Miss,which also received the award for FEMALE MIXTAPE OF THE YEAR at the TEXAS PLATINUM HOOD AWARDS. I also stage manage shows which my track record includes SXSW for 5 consecutive years & still going, various venues during Texas Relays for 3 years and still going, and helping 93.3 with 2009 Hot 93.3 Summer Jam. Hosting shows & events, as well as throwing them myself,including the Ladies Night Show with my homie Matt Sonzala is also on my resume.The lineup included Jean Grae,Invincible,Eyeris,Staci Russel and Devin the Dude to top the nite off.Im on a constant hustle so if Im not doin one thing, im doing one of the 10 other things i listed.



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